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Las Vegas Elite Runners

PR’s are KING!!!

Now that we are a quarter way through the track season and coaches, athletes and parents have an idea what events are the athletes best, PRs in practice and meets become King. Why – because they form the measuring stick that informs everyone if workouts are effective, if athletes are healthy and most importantly if athletes are pushing themselves to become better.

A question to you is, what matters most to you on race day? Is it a first-place finish or is it a PR? While many would say a 1st place finish, I believe PR’s are KING, and here’s why.

Runners come in many shapes, sizes and condition.  Some have been running for years, some are beginners.  Does any of these factors determine who will be the better runner years from now? The goal in any form of youth running or training is to continually help the athlete improve regardless of their talent level or experience. So, it’s not where they start, it’s where they end and those that put in the work usually finish near the top. 

While a 1st place finish early in the season is nice, it really doesn’t mean anything if you don’t improve your PR or finish near the top late in the season.  First place finishes also don’t hold much weight if you come in first in a heat race, but you don’t finish in the top tier overall or score points for your team.

At the end of the day, athletes must improve meet to meet and the only way to see that progress is by tracking PRs in practice, time trials and meets.  Serious athletes know their PRs and they strive to improve them gradually.  Should you expect a PR every time you practice or race – no, because we all have good and bad days and based on the workout, you may lack the rest to get maximum performance.  All things considered, you should be able to compare like workouts and get an idea of your progression.

Over the past weeks, our athletes continue to work hard and establish new PR’s in their respective events.  They deserve kudos for consistently having a good attitude in practice and pushing the bar higher by their performance.

Jordan Gowdy                   400m & Long Jump

Lilianah Davis                     800m

Jeramiah Davis                  400m

Razzaq Thomas                 100m   

Kaiyah Davis-Mitchell     400m & Long Jump