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Las Vegas Elite Runners

Flyin Kiwis Cross Country Meet is a Breath of Fresh Air

As we journey through life, we sometimes find ourselves experiencing the unexpected that brings a smile to our face. On this Saturday, on the first weekend of November 2nd, I went to see the Las Vegas Elite Runners. It was not a Las Vegas Elite Runners athlete that caught my attention or a top finisher on this day, it was a Flyin Kiwis runner in the boys 9-10 race. 

While I do not know his name, he left a profound impact on me. Why? Because he was repeating the Lord’s Prayer over and over throughout the whole race. The pureness of the way he chose to cope with getting through his 3K (1.86 miles) race is a testament to his spirit, inner strength and will power. We all have our own ways of dealing with challenging situations, whether it’s running, preparing for an exam, or job interview. The strength we gain from whatever we choose as a coping mechanism allows us to achieve the difficult and at times the extraordinary. I will always remember this moment and use it for personal motivation and encouragement.

Regarding the Las Vegas Elite Runners, they continue to make progress. Jeramiah Davis placed third in the 4K. In the 3K races, Lilianah Davis placed fourth and Jordan Gowdy placed second.  For the 2K, Roland Johns-Clemmons placed third, Christoph Clemmons placed seventh and Janae Fields placed third. Although they did a fantastic job, there’s no rest for the weary as the competition gets extremely tougher over the next four weeks as we approach regionals.